How You Can Help Promote Giving Day?

Your Giving Day Action Plan
What to say and share
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Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising event aimed at bringing communities together, at our Vancouver and Okanagan campuses and beyond, in support of causes that will make a difference in the world. Last year, together we raised over $500,000 for UBC causes. This year, we’re aiming even higher – and we can only do it with your help.

Making a gift is not the only way to be part of UBC Giving Day! You can support UBC Giving Day by sharing it with your network. Ambassadors like you are instrumental in boosting awareness, spreading excitement and increasing awareness of Giving Day on social networks.

On this page, you’ll find the resources you need to help stop time on April 5 and make UBC Giving Day 2023 a success.


Your Giving Day Action Plan – what you can do

Before Giving Day (up to April 5) – spread the word!

  • Share the April 5 date on social media
  • Email family, friends and colleagues and tell them that Giving Day is coming up. Encourage them the cause that matters most to them.  
  • Know people on campus? Help us promote the Giving Day celebration– it’ll be fun we promise.
  • Capture attention with images and logos (see below)

On April 5 – the big day!

  • Consider donating to the cause(s) you care
  • Encourage others to donate, no matter what the amount.
  • Generate excitement on social media
  • Highlight Giving Day challenges throughout the day. Donors have a chance to unlock matching gifts and even more support for their cause
  • Join us at the Giving Day celebration at UBC Vancouver or Okanagan campuses!

Post-April 5 – let’s celebrate!

  • Kudos to everyone! Let your followers know we’re grateful and proud of what we’ve accomplished together
  • Thank people you’ve reached out to via email for their incredible support. Donors and supporters are the reason why UBC can continue its work to help shape a better world –

What to say and share

Here are some suggestions to build excitement, awareness and anticipation leading up to April 5, on the big day itself. Post. Talk. Email. Share!

Customize the message and make it your own—your friends and family want to hear why Giving Day is important to you! And don’t forget to tag us on social #UBCGivingDay so we can show your posts on our social media wall.

Download Social Media Post Examples and Email Templates 

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Questions? Contact Us

Have questions about Giving Day? Refer to our FAQs page or contact the Giving Day team by emailing [email protected]