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Your Giving Day Action Plan
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Be a champion for causes that make a real difference in the world! Give to what matters to you, share UBC Giving Day with your network and amplify your impact through fun challenges.

Last year, 4,000 people came together to prove we could make the world better. Let’s top that!

Looking to do even more? Become a Giving Day Champion and share this event within your network. You can be the reason why our community is inspired to give back.

Keep reading to find everything you need to make UBC Giving Day 2024 a success.

Your Giving Day Action Plan

Before Giving Day (up to April 4)—Spread the Word!

    • Share the date: Make sure everyone knows about April 4! Post about UBC Giving Day and our in-person Giving Day celebration on social media to create excitement.
    • Spread the word: Reach out to people you know and let them know that UBC Giving Day is coming up. Encourage them to support the cause that matters to them most.

On April 4—The Big Day!

    • Donate: Donate to your favourite cause(s) and show everyone what moves you. Every contribution matters.
    • Inspire others: Encourage others to donate, regardless of the amount. Together, let’s move the world forward!
    • Get social media buzzing: Share your excitement online and inspire others to join in. Refer to the links below to see what you can say.
    • Highlight challenges: Throughout the day, showcase UBC Giving Day’s challenges. Remind everyone that their donations can unlock matching gifts and additional support for their causes!
    • Join the festivities: Be a part of the Giving Day celebrations at the UBC Vancouver or Okanagan campuses!

Post-April 4—Time to Celebrate!

    • Share our success: Share the results of UBC Giving Day with your network and let them know how proud you are of what you’ve accomplished together.
    • Personal Thank You’s: Send follow-up messages to those you've reached out to, thanking them for their support. They are the reason why UBC can continue to shape a better world!

What Should You Say?

Whether it's promoting through social media, conversations or emails, your efforts will make your dollars go farther, your voice louder and your impact even greater. Download the UBC Giving Day Champion Toolkit and find resources to help you engage your network—social media posts, emails, images and more.

Want to make your own UBC Giving Day designs? Email [email protected] to request our editable Canva templates.